Below is a definition of each treatment method:


Conventional Cancer Treatment:  The use of cancer fighting drugs, hormonal therapies, radiation therapy and chemotherapy either by intravenous or pill given to a patient diagnosed with cancer. The treatment varies depending on what type of cancer, where it is located in the body and the stage of the cancer.


Complementary Treatment:  Complementary treatments can be anything from Yoga exercises, meditation, and acupuncture. Complementary treatments can also include dietary changes, the use of supplementation with vitamins, herbs and minerals. These treatments are used in conjunction with conventional treatments to ease side effects and strengthen the body to facilitate faster healing.


Alternative Treatments:  Alternative treatments are the same or similar to the complementary treatments mentioned above.  It’s called alternative treatment when a cancer patient uses the complementary treatment plans exclusively without conventional therapies.


The following is my opinion only of the advantages of these treatments. I am not a doctor or an alternative treatment specialist, nor do I have any expertise in the treatment of cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor of Stage IV breast cancer with metastases to the liver and the spine and am currently NED (No Evidence of Disease).


When first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, I logged on to the internet and stayed there for weeks doing research on my particular type of cancer. I have HER2+ breast cancer with no lymph node activity. The thought of this cancerous tumor in my breast nearly drove me crazy. After researching all options, I decided on a mastectomy with no radiation or any further treatment. I just wanted this tumor gone. Then my plan was to clean up my act and eat only organic foods, lots of veggies, pure water and supplement with colloidal minerals, vitamins and herbs. I found out which supplements would interfere with my type of breast cancer. HER2+ basically grows with an increased amount of estrogen post menopausal. So I eliminated everything that encourages the production of estrogen and replaced these foods with foods known to lessen the amount of estrogen in your body. I took probiotics so that any estrogen that was being stored would be eliminated before it had a chance to reabsorb into my system. I threw out all of my plastic containers and replaced them with glass.


I was very diligent with this diet. I bought a juicer and juiced fresh whole organic fruits and vegetables daily.  When I did eat meat, it was free range organic. Mushrooms became a staple with me due to the fact that they were estrogen reducing. All supplements taken were organic. You get the point. I was careful about everything and anything that went into my mouth. I lost weight which I needed to do and I was feeling better than I had felt in decades. Oh, did I mention the apricot pits that I crushed and added the seeds to my juices and smoothies? No stone was left unturned with regard to eating a healthful vegetarian based organic diet.


I checked my pH by mouth and urine daily until I was in the alkaline safety range. Disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. If I tested too acidic, I would run down to the store and buy organic avocados as they are very alkaline. About the only thing that I didn’t give up was my one cup of Starbuck’s French Roast coffee in the morning. This was my one simple pleasure and I was hanging on to it.


Like I said earlier, I never felt better in my life. My energy level was that of a 20 year old. I lost 35 lbs. and for the first time in decades, was down to my ideal weight. My skin glowed, my eyes were clear and I felt on top of the world.  I had beat cancer and I did it on my own terms. 


Yes, that sound you hear is the sound of the other shoe dropping.


Almost two years to the day, I woke up with excruciating pain in my lower back. I hadn’t injured myself in any way so that was not the cause of my pain. I called a chiropractor who practices Directional Non-force and made an appointment for the same day. Twelve appointments later, there was no pain relief at all. I did the hot and cold compresses, back braces, massage and acupressure. Nothing was working. At this point, I couldn’t walk across the room without using a walker and I had to install a seat in the shower because I couldn’t stand up for the amount of time it takes to shower.


Time to call the doctor. Ugh!!!!


To make a long story short, I underwent blood and urine tests which were all negative for infection and was sent home with Vicodin and an appointment for a CT scan of my spine. After a CT scan, PET scan and finally a liver biopsy, it was confirmed. My breast cancer had come back with a vengeance. It had metastasized to my liver and spine in the T11 and T12 region.


I believe that there are some people out there who have been cured of their cancer through diet, supplementation and exercise. But, like people, all cancers are different. Some are very slow moving and some are very aggressive. HER2+ breast cancer is one of the aggressive ones.  Some cancers appear and then remain dormant for years, sometimes decades.


When deciding on what treatment option is right for you, first research your type of cancer. If you have a form of aggressive cancer, I personally wouldn’t go the alternative route exclusively. For an aggressive cancer, its best to throw everything at it to ensure your survival. Complementary treatments are highly recommended to strengthen your body’s immune system and to ease the discomfort of side effects.


Cancer treatment is not a one size fits all solution.  Many alternative treatment websites claim to have a 95% cure rate on all types of cancer with just one type of treatment. The research that I have done suggests that this statement is ludicrous.  You will feel energized and extremely healthy following a vegetarian, organic diet with daily green juices, lots of pure water and moderate exercise. But this in no way suggests that your cancer will be cured.


I, for one, really want to believe that healthy living will cure cancer. I tried, it didn’t work. Keep your body healthy by using some or all of these complementary treatments, but conventional medicine is the way to go to actually fight off the cancer cells in your body.  Statistics that you can actually see prove this. Talk to cancer survivors and learn what they did to beat this disease. Don’t just take one person’s word for it. Do your research and come up with a plan of attack.


When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it’s time to open your mind to the many treatments out there.  Ten years ago, Stage IV metastasized cancer was a certain death sentence. Now, you see Stage IV survivors of five, ten, and twenty years mainly due to new medical advances. 


It’s your life….fight for it and never give up.


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