There is no doubt that early detection saves lives, but what is not common knowledge is that early detection does not improve your risk of recurrence. I was led to believe that when I was first diagnosed, but later found out through research, that this is not true. Your incidence of recurrence depends entirely on the type of cancer, where it is, and how aggressive it is. Early detection has very little to do with it.
What can be said for early detection and recurrence is that, if found early enough, you have more treatment options available to you than if your cancer was found at Stage IV.
I'm offering this page so that no one with an early diagnosis of cancer, like myself, gets too comfortable in their thinking. Due to lack of knowledge and research on my part, I believed that my cancer would not return simply because it was found very early. As everyone who has been following my blog knows, this is just not the case.
Be thankful for early detection, but don't become complacent. Do your due diligence and find out the latest treatment options available to you for your particular type of cancer. Ask your Oncologist about the aggressiveness of the cancer and be sure to get accurate staging.
Regular screenings are vitally important. Get up off your butt and get screened. Go on. There's no time like the present. WHY ARE YOU STILL SITTING THERE?????

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