Below is a link to an incredible online support group in my opinion. There are a few online supporters and active members who are extremely knowledgeable and respond quickly. My personal experience with one of them whose name I won't mention because I'm not sure if she would want me to, gave me a heads up that something was wrong and to call the doctor, ask him two specific questions and ask why I'm not receiving this type of care. After following her instructions, my Oncologist put me on the meds that she suggested due to the most current research and told me what questions to ask to make sure that this course of action was appropriate. You might say that she saved my life.
Below is the link to this valuable support group:

The link below is a link to a video that will show you how to tie some of the basic head scarf knots. This woman demonstrating these ties makes it very clear and simple. From these basic knots, you can build your own style of head scarf that suits your needs.

Below is the link to this video:

Below is a link to a magazine put out  by the American Cancer Society filled with hats, scarves, caps, wigs, and other accessories that you'll need while receiving chemotherapy treatments or recovering from a mastectomy. There are so many options and style to choose from here and their prices are very reasonable compared to what's out there. I've personally purchased a couple of head scarves and a night cap from here and found them all to be of good quality materials and workmanship.

Below is a link to this online magazine:

The American Cancer Society is a wealth of information and services for newly diagnosed cancer patients. Below is their general website where you can explore and find the product or service that you need.

Below is a link to the American Cancer Society:

Below is a link that I came across by accident to a website that deals with Metastic Breast Cancer. This site is informative and inspiring. They have a book on sale by the author entitled "Incurable to Incredible". I have not read the book yet, but did order it. For some hope and inspiration and a hands on approach to the elephant in the pink room (metastic breast cancer), this site deserves a visit.

Below is the link to the site:

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